“The advantages of traditional Thai medicine”

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Thai traditional medicine or alternative medicine has been around for a long time. Many people may understand that it is a profession  “masseuse”  is not quite cheap. Actually, it is a type of science related to physical therapy. The drama “ Thong-ek Mo Ya Tha Chalong” is well known and trendy. And it’s finally here For fans of the Channel 3 drama, it would probably be smirk because of the hilarious ending and the unlikely link to it. In which people who are Thai traditional medicine must have knowledge and competence in the professional field according to the four curriculum, which is a profession that has been recognized for a long time, with Thai massage being classified in the profession in the field of ทางเข้า ufabet traditional medicine as well. As follows.

1. Thai medicine

It is a course on diagnosis. With the approach of Thai traditional medicine And to lead to herbal treatment People with knowledge of Thai herbs have expertise in analyzing and classifying symptoms that occur and treat them safely and on the spot with traditional Thai medicine. Nowadays, more than 71 kinds of herbs are used in the current patch. Alternative medicine is still very important today.

2. Thai Pharmacy

About drug preparation For treatment such as bolus, snuff, tablets, capsules, etc., knowledge must be made on various herbal ingredients. Because the treatment with herbs may not be very dangerous. But if it goes wrong, it cannot cure the patient. Therefore, it is important to have knowledge in this field in order to dispense medicine to match the existing medical condition.

3. Thai midwife

About prenatal and postnatal care Of mother and child to be healthy before giving birth It focuses on the postpartum because the term midwife is the maintenance of the mother with the child. With the unborn child is safe Not only this, after giving birth, the patient can rest and receive treatment.

4. Thai massage

This line will be a massage combined with drinking herbs. To relax the muscle lines and is a kind of therapy Therefore, in physical therapy Massage is essential in ensuring that the patient feels relaxed and recovered.

The advantages of traditional Thai medicine

1.save cost Because of treatment with Thai traditional medicine It is a massage therapy in combination with the use of herbs. Herbs that may be applied to the area to massage the strands to loosen. Using a compress Or may use a drinking method in the form of herbal boiled water

2. Herbs are easily available in the local area. You may not need to buy it at all, as it is readily available locally. It will be quick and easy if we can diagnose the disease. And find herbal medicine for patients quickly Although some diseases or symptoms may not be cured by traditional Thai medicine, it means that some diseases are in need. Live traditional medicine The more the Department of Health. Disease. Has imported 71 Thai herbs in the category of modern medicine That it is effective in treatment as well

3. Able to do treatment with massage. This is an easy method, but may require knowledge of a licensed massage, which is more suitable than conventional massage, may help loosen strands. Relax the muscles But if you have knowledge of massage That is to say, knowing the lines and knowing the points that will affect which organs will be helpful in the treatment as well. That means those who have a medical license do not have a higher level of knowledge than a massage therapist, so traditional Thai medicine is not a masseuse. But there are other elements too.